Beach Theme Wedding Ideas

        Hi!  Welcome to my beach-theme-wedding-ideas site. There are many great ideas and I have found that there are never too many!  Whether or not you will be having your wedding at or on the beach, you will want to decorate with things that represent the beach. (You can have a beach themed wedding even if it's not at the beach.)   I have some great ideas for your beach themed wedding.  Let's get started.  First, what are some of the key elements for a beach themed wedding?  Sand, the ocean, sun, fresh air, wind ( sometimes its pretty windy) and sea shells.

         First, you'll need a planning guide.  There is so much to think about and with a beach theme wedding, especially a wedding at the beach, or a destination wedding, there are many more things that need thoughtful planning. What time of day will you have you wedding? Mid-day sun could spell disaster for a wedding cake.  The icing could end up in a puddle.  So you can see that more thought is necessary for a beach-theme-wedding.   Most Brides are working while planning a wedding, so hiring a planner is important, but in this economy a personal planner could be pricey.  There are some great planning guides that will help you with all your planning right on your own computer and I will give you my favorites in my planning post. I suggest a small "carry in your purse" guide that will help you when you are out shopping or at work.  I don't know about you, but when I was planning my wedding my mind was always thinking about my wedding, even while at work and I could quickly refer to my mini planner. 

         Next, you can find information on decorating using seashells on my site.  With seashells, you can come up with great beach-theme-wedding-ideas!  These are some of the ideas that I will be talking about in more detail in my site: Seashells in your bouquet, beautiful centerpieces for your reception tables and buffet tables, gorgeous hair ornaments, shells on your trinity candle, invitations, pew and chair decor, seashell arches, beachy ideas for favors, shells adorning your veil.    

        These beach-theme-wedding-ideas and many more, can give your wedding a warm personalized feel and an add a lovely touch to your beach themed wedding.  You'll find details of these ideas and more suggestions on my site.  These beach themed ideas will look fantastic and will be great on your budget, leaving most of your budget freed up for the things most important to you. You'll find budget saving ideas along with many helpful tidbits of information, so check out the rest of my site and congratulations on your up coming wedding.

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