Beach Theme Centerpieces

        Creating your own beach theme wedding centerpieces are not that hard to do. With a few helpful tips, you can do-it-yourself  and have professional looking centerpieces. There are some really beautiful and cost effective ideas for beach theme centerpieces for your reception tables.  These ideas all incorporate elements of the beach, sand, seashells,starfish, coral, water, plus we want some sparkle, using glass and or mirror, beach glass, a little colored glitter and candles to reflect light.  Flowers can be incorporated into this beach theme or without, for a tighter budget. 

        First lets start with your guest tables.  Whether this will be a sit down dinner or buffet style, you'll want gorgeous tables.  These can be done by a professional team or by you and your family. You need to decide what your colors will be for your reception.  White table cloths on round tables with colored square table cloths over top would look great.  Or one or two long tables with a white tablecloth and a colored table runner down the center with lovely fresh flowers, candles and beach themed decorations like seashells.   A beach theme wedding reception is usually more casual, especially if its outside.  You need to think about windy weather.  Candles would need to be set down into glass hurricane type bowls  to keep the flame from blowing out.  If you are having the reception inside and maybe you want just a little more formal event, but still keep to your beach theme, your can dress up your tables a lot more.  If you use floral arrangements, they should be low to the tables for easy conversation. 

        Here are some ideas for decorating your beach theme centerpiece reception tables: 

        1) On round tables-white tablecloths with a square tablecloth of your wedding colors on top.  Add reflective and glittery items such as a round mirror in the center with a 5 or 6 inch fishbowl in the center on top of the mirror. Next find really clean sand and add a small amount of glitter, either clear, silver or a light blue or sea mist green iridescent color. Mix with the sand for more sparkle. Next put into the center of the fishbowl on the sand, a clear glass votive or slightly bigger, with a white candle.  Around the candle, inside the fish bowl, place small and medium seashells and tiny starfish, small pieces of white coral, small white sand dollars, etc.

        2) Another centerpiece also using the 5 to 6 inch fishbowl, would be to add many seashells and sea glass to cover the bottom of the bowl.  Add water and floating candles.  Add some rose petals or other floral petals of choice to the outer area around the bowl. You might want to experiment with adding a touch of blue to the water for color.  Don't go over board or you will have too intense and too dark of a blue that will make it hard to see the seashells. 

       3) A tall slender cylinder shaped glass container with a white pillar candle inside.  No room for anything else, so add a beautiful floral arrangement around the cylinder.

       4) Two different ideas for using glass hurricanes are: a) White pillar candle inside the hurricanes with floral arrangements in between the hurricanes. These would be spread out over rectangular tables.  b) A large hurricane container with white pillar candle inside, on a slightly raised platform with mixed beach glass, such as white or clear, sea mist green, pale blue, and turquoise. Add some shiny pebble like glass and top the mix with all kinds of smallish seashells and starfish. Don't skimp on this, as you want to make a beautiful statement. 

       5) Try a group of three tall cylinders filled with water and add floating candles.  There are pearlescent white floating candles, about 3 inches. You can get them for $1.30 each or 6/$7.80 at saveoncrafts.com. At the bottom, add small seashells, beach glass, and /or an orchid or other floral piece. It would look lovely sitting on top of a piece of mirror, for a reflective sparkle.  Don't forget to leave about 3 inches of space at the top.clear of candle flame.

        Below are some beach theme centerpiece picture ideas:

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