Beach Theme Wedding Cakes

        Although I do not make wedding cakes, it would not be a beach-theme-wedding-ideas site without a section on beach theme wedding cakes and there are a lot of ideas out there on the Internet!  I selected my favorite beach themed wedding cake pictures, which I hope will help you come up with your dream wedding cake. You will need to find a local bakery, but you should be able to show some of these ideas to help the baker know what you want.  He or she will be asking you what flavor for the cake, what filling you want, etc.  It's not all about the look, though important, but you want it to taste fantastic!  Mine looked great, but the comments I received were how wonderful the filling was and how moist the cake was. At most bakeries you should be able to taste the fillings and cakes to help you choose.  Ask to see pictures of other wedding cakes the baker has done.  Some bakers don't do shell decorating on cakes, so if that is what you're leaning toward, you might want to look elsewhere.  The size and cost of the cake will depend on the amount of guests you will have at the wedding reception. The cost can range from about two dollars to fifteen dollars a slice, depending on how elaborate the details on the cake. A slice is considered about 2 ounces, which is about 4" x 2" in size. Make it simple if you are on a tight budget.  You'll need to have a basic count when starting to check out the bakeries. 

        If your idea is to have a mid day wedding on the beach, you will need to consider the hot sun.  The wedding cake won't look too pretty if its melting because of the sun.  Try having a sunset reception which would be beautiful with lots of candlelight on the tables and your cake will stand up better.  Here are some of my favorite beach theme wedding cakes:

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