Planning A Beach Theme Wedding

          Planning your wedding is exciting!  You may know exactly what you want, because you've thought about it since you were little, or you may not have any idea what you want. Whether you want a beach theme wedding or a traditional wedding in a church you will need help with the planning. A beach wedding seems so simple, but it can actually be more complicated to plan.   Even if you have some ideas about what you would like, there are so many details, like time-lines and budget, who to invite, where will it be, what kind of food and will it be a buffet or a sit down dinner. Time of day is important in planning, especially for a beach wedding.  Will it be a destination wedding?  It really helps to have a wedding planner that will help you think of all the important details that need to be decided and put into action.  A wedding planner can be a very expensive part of the wedding.  If you are a very busy bride-to-be, an actual wedding planner may be what you need.  For the cost conscious bride, having a wedding planner just might take up to much of your budget.  The answer then, is to use an internet  planning guide, which will ask you those questions, giving you suggestions and a time-line for getting things accomplished. 

        There are a few really great planners that you will love, having been written by actual brides that have gone through planning of their wedding and can give you their experience.  My first choice is Amazing Wedding Planning.  It is the most fantastic wedding planner on the internet! You will get so many tips that will save you so much money, even if you have an unlimited budget.  Not only will Amazing Wedding Planning show you how to get a wedding dress of your dreams directly from manufacturer or at wholesale prices, but you'll get information on how get your  catering and services up to 50% lower than normal prices. You'll get  tons and tons of pages with tips. To top it all off, you'll get a planning software to help you plan a seating chart, help with guest lists, budget, reception planning,photographer, to do lists, destination information, and so much more. This Amazing Wedding Planning Guide almost makes me wish I was planning my wedding again! Don't buy anything until you check this one out!

        My next choice is Wedding Planning on a Budget.  This one also gives great advice and tips on how to save on your budget even if your budget is unlimited.  Who wouldn't want to save money?  This site also offers a great guide to a fantastic honeymoon. This is a really great site, so check it out.

        My third and final choice is Wise Wedding Planning.   This site is all about how to have the wedding you have dream about without going into debt, how to set the budget and not go over it. It will tell you how to go about getting your marriage license,how to talk to wedding vendors, so that it doesn't run up the costs. It will prevent you from making costly mistakes. These tips and information comes from someone who has been a wedding planner for three years herself as well as a bride.

        One other thing I should mention is for you lucky brides that can afford to have a destination wedding there are other things to consider that other brides won't have to worry about.  You will need some extra advice and help with things a bride wouldn't ordinarily have to think of. For you, there is The Destination Wedding Survival Guide.  With this guide you won't get to your wedding destination and realize that you didn't take care of the legalities of the marriage license and many other things.

        Along with one or more of these sites, which really is all you need, I often like to look at books that I can see pictures and get ideas from as well and I have a few suggestions for you.  For help with decisions on your flowers, try:  Knack  Make it Easy Wedding Flowers by Sharon Naylor.  There is a wealth of information and lots of bouquets and other floral designs, on every page in this book.  Another book is: Bouquet Chic: Wedding Flowers For More Than 160 Romantic Looks. Also, try : Stylish Weddings for Less: How to plan Your Dream Wedding on a Budget by Catherine Sabino.  Also, there's a great book called : The Everything Wedding Organizer: Checklists, Charts, and Worksheets for Planning the Perfect Day! by Shelly Hagen.  This was the one I carried around with me in my purse, so I always had checklists information with me where ever I went. Also, How to Plan Your Own Wedding and Save Thousands-Without Going Crazy by Tracy Leigh. There are many books out there, but I have found that these are some of the best. You can get these at books at Amazon.com.  Check them out and my best wishes for your up coming wedding!


        These are some examples of Amazing Wedding Planning charts that will help you to keep everything straight, control your budget and many jobs, making your life easier and more stress free. These are just a few of the planning charts.






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